The System

- Using the Tools to tell the Story -



their interest.

What does your prospect want?

“I think I’ve found a great way you can get that!”



them to some information.

Direct them to a tool that best suits your prospect

and shows them the success others are enjoying.

“Do you have a pen?”

Call this number at ..... and then let's re-connect

“Let me email you a link”

Watch ...... and then call me straight back!

Meet me at ......Its going to be a great presentation!



them into a knowledgeable up-line(s)

Those stories will help you seal the deal.

“Let me get the person who’s showing me how to do this on the line”

“Let me connect you with ..... I can’t promise I can get them straight away,

they’re very successful already, but when I call back make sure to pick up....

you’re not going to believe their story!”





                                Moringa information


                                           Field site - To pique interest


                                 Field site - To learn the system


                                           Zija Corporate site


                                               Corporate Site - To pique interest